Let Me Fade Into The Dark

Sometimes all you have to do is tell someone to let go when everything is going wrong. No one can truly see the light of truth until they let the lies and pain fade into the dark.

All the hurt you’re putting yourself into

I’m telling you to let go

But you say we’ll make it through

If only you can see the look in your face

If I were you I’d walk away

And put yourself out of misery’s way

Please tell me that you don’t want me

And that you’ll walk away

And that there’s nothing I can say

For me to beg you to stay

Let me fade in the dark

You’ll forget me once I’m gone

You deserve someone better

Save yourself from me

I prefer to be alone

Than have you to be unhappy

I love you but enough is enough

Your hurt face is haunting my dreams

And you refuse to walk away

You have no reason to stay

You can’t hold on any longer

Don’t let your pain last forever

You have to move on

Find someone else better

I don’t deserve your love

I don’t deserve your heart

I already broke it to pieces

And you can see it in my hands

I’m here to give it back

Don’t let me stay just walk away

You’d forget once I’m gone

Let me fade in the dark.

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