As cliche as this would sound… good bye is the hardest thing to say especially when the word was never said and they were just gone. People always tell you to be strong because they’re watching from above and they just want you to know that they are happy up in whatever heaven they maybe in. But it’s hard to just smile sometimes it’s better to just cry…when you’re overwhelmed with sadness all you can do is feel.


Please just leave me here

Don’t want to say a word

Leave me alone right here

I don’t want anyone to see me cry

When I’m with them my voice is gone

But the moment I am alone

All I can do is to scream it all out

Cry until the sun would come up

Because I can’t think

All I can do is feel

I have no words to say

I turned numb when he faded away

Tell me where do I go from here?

When he’s not in my arms anymore?


I don’t know why

I need to hear his voice whenever I cry

I close my eyes and dream of him

Wishing I’d never wake up again

I’m already on the edge

Staring at the sky

Wishing he was here to wipe away the tears

And chase away my fears

Be right here by my side

Keep all the promises that he said

Before he faded


I know he’s in a better place now

But I’m still hurting

And I can’t stop crying

They say time will heal the scars

But I don’t want our memories erased

Please God let me have him for one more day

Why can’t I say good bye one last time?

My last words were not enough

I need to feel his hands intertwined with mine

It’s too late, why can’t he come back?

Let me say everything that I wanted

Before he faded


He was right here with me

I shut the door suddenly

It all disappears he isn’t here anymore

Now I’m standing on the edge

Hoping he’d be there with me

Just one last time for one more day

Please let me have him one last time….

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