Let’s Change the Storyline

We’re all stuck in these story lines where the villain of the story is the one who broke someone’s heart. But it’s always one sided, we all take in favor of the one who wears the tears and cast off our judgement to the person who tries their best to smile but in truth they are holding back the urge to scream. To be heart broken is not easy to be the one breaking the heart… you’re the one made the enemy.

It’s always the same old story

A girl falling in love

With a simple ordinary boy

She calls him his Romeo

Then he walks away and she cries

The farther he went the darker the skies

Why is he always the enemy?

The villain of this story


But it’s not his fault

She wasn’t the only one who got hurt


She’s not the only one crying

Deep inside he’s hurting

Why is he the villain?

You can’t force his heart to love

He has his own to follow

Why does it have to be his fault?

Just because she’s crying

They are making him the villain


He walks down the hall

With a few dirty looks

Passes as he walks

Once he sees her smile fade

It’s him in the position to break

See the girl he pushed away

He can’t rewind time

But how can he change his mind?

They say she’s been crying

While he is the one smiling

But they don’t know that he’s hurting


Deep inside he’s hurting

He was never the enemy

They made him the villain of the story

As he smiles and pretends

That nothing is wrong with him

He says he’s fine but deep inside

He’s not the only one in pain

She wears the tears and he wears a mask

He hides and he smiles from the angry crowd

They made him the enemy

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