Victim of Your Love

Having a broken heart isn’t easy especially when the one who broke your heart did it out of the pleasure of your pain. It’s quite a sadistic thought actually, though in one of my other poems where I mention how the one who breaks the heart isn’t always the bad guy, well I did say “always” so there are chances that there are good guys and bad guys in the situation of heart ache. 

In this case, it’s the bad guy. The one who breaks you heart with no ounce of guilt or any sincerity. He just breaks it because he knows it’s that easy.

The walls keep falling down

I stalk up each brick one by one

Then you knock them down

Crashing hard on the ground


You left me here in the midst

Of rocks, smoke and ashes

As you burned all of the remains

Loosened my restrains


Just for me to be in the middle

Trap here in the rubble

Be buried along with rocks and ashes

And be the victim of your love

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