I’ll Be Safe In My Heart

Let’s take a break from Romeo because at the moment I don’t feel so lovey dovey, instead I share to all of you a poem about how pressure can crack innocence. There are moments when I feel the only safe place I can be is inside my own self but even I can’t get rid of haunting voices. I’m not crazy [well I hope I’m not] but these voices are insecurities and regrets, somethings i try my best to runaway from.


You know that it’s over

When the fat lady sings

But I’ll keep staring at these shiny things

Let me fall in and out of this deep hole

And let the world keep spinning

While the clouds are singing

I’ll be safe in my heart


I can see sounds

And I can hear colors

Walls are speaking in tongues

And the roof is falling down

Crashing into the sun as it sets

But I’ll be safe in my heart


Close enough to see in between

Write every word I ever said

Let the sunlight creep into my bed

I see a 5 year old ghost

Asking me why are my sheets red

I told her I’ll be safe in my heart…

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