Depressing isn’t all that Grey

They say that things happen for a reason, even if the worse has happened you have to keep your head up high until you see the bright side. Sometimes it takes longer than expected. 

You’d be sitting there wishing the world isn’t such a black and white depressing scene. Hope is the breed of eternal misery but it’s the light that keeps us going, even if the place looks so bland and tasteless a little hope can make things better


I know I’m scared right now

But I’ll bury my regrets to the ground

Because one day you’ll wake up and see

Once broken will be rising

I won’t be throwing stones to find a reason to smile

I’ll stop wishing for never was


I can smarter and stronger

But not everyone can move with such grace

I rather be here than be another face

Thought I was a pigeon in a group of owls

Lost in the sea of everything I didn’t understand

Stuck in the clouds while everyone else is on the ground

Made mistakes while they’re acing their games

While I’m screaming lyrics with names

And they’re stuck in equations


But I can live through all this

Not a single moment amiss

When everything is all said and done

I’ll be proud that I was never gone

A dreamer lost in a black and white scene

Trying to color what seems to be permanent

But reality can’t bite me any longer

These days I know that even the sun is brighter

Even in such a grayscale atmosphere

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