Quadratic equations look simpler

It’s a comparison of someone being so complicated that they make math looks so easy. You can solve an equation fast but can’t fix a problem and an argument that said words that are forever permanent.

Even math has better expressions

Problems with complicated solutions

Analyzing each and every number

Sometimes ending with an undefined answer

Yet there is still an answered question

And a headache afterward

Even math has its limitations

To its many various equations

To come up with acceptable answers

Unlike you no matter how hard I try

There would be something inside me that would slowly die

Making every move complicated

And I’m stuck on this problem

It was never my favorite subject

Yet with you, I can’t help but compare

Because even math seems fairer

It stands with a problem waiting

Unlike you who is always so demanding

thank God! I am no longer distracted

You used to clear my mind

Now you are just wasteful clutter

I know now I am just another number

Added to your long list of names

At least my least favorite subject

Make so much sense than you ever did.

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