Failing to Fall

I have the tendency to write something where it can be interpreted in many ways, I believe that perspectives of the meaning of a certain work is quite fascinating. It’s like looking at 1 image in a different angle from everyone else. Just like this one it’s called “FAILING TO FALL”and I’m entertained by the way people interpret the lines “Failing to Fall”.

We could never fix the wrongs of our past
But it was never meant to last
We’ve been in broken lines
Trapped ourselves in cages
Learning through all the changes
Maybe there was nothing wrong
It just took us this long
To see it wasn’t what it used to be

It wasn’t always perfect
We stabbed our backs
Slipped through the cracks
It wasn’t easy to see eye to eye
Keep our mouths shut just for a while
We squeezed into spaces
Unfamiliar with common faces
But here we are failing to fall

We always stood between the lies
Ignore and comfort the cries
They say all we do is stand
But here we are not even mad
United but close to a cause
Here we are moving on tonight
Screaming our name to the skies
Learning to stand but pushed to fall

We are living in the stars
Only to shine in the dark
Because it was never what it was
Traditional tactics to get into the game
The only thing we share is just a name

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