Musically In love

I was in my sophomore year when I wrote this for a special someone, he captured my heart and then… well I think the rest is already obvious. But I’m not bitter, I want to remember how he made me feel not how he broke me…

Strumming of guitars and your voice

Those lyrics spoke to me

My heart went along with the beat

When it got wrapped around those sweet

Words of yours it was amazing

It got me falling and hopefully you’d be catching


In this picture perfect world

I see the cracks that everybody else ignores

But I wouldn’t change a thing about you…

You got me singing along

I never thought I’d feel this way

It’s our song you’re singing

And when I heard it everything else disappears

All I had was you and the song in my heart

Your lyrics wrapped me around like a ribbon in my heart

The melody got me falling in your arms

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