Superman (Red Walls)

A voice becomes louder when it is silenced. I remember someone telling me that a person committing suicide is a coward and selfish. It’s not that I’m promoting it, but sometimes the reason why they had to cut their lives short is because no one can hear them and the troubles they have and that no one is trying to help them. Let’s not let someone lose a life because of troubles, a voice should always be heard.

She’s waiting for Superman who will never come

She’s only 16 years young living with a broken heart

Her walls are painted a scarlet red

Writing letters that he never read

If things still stayed the same

The sun might never shine

The rain might never stop

And she’s still crying over him


She’s waiting for Superman

everyone knows he’ll never come

Waiting for him to fly across the sky

Take her to the stars

Wipe away the tears she cries

She’s only 16 years young living with a broken heart

She spends her days in her own head

Drawing pictures and pictures on her bed

Walls filled with posters and dreams

Words scribbled in red ink

She’s only 16 years young and naïve

She’s living in her fantasies

Waiting for a hero to save her dreams

Take away the pain he gave


She’s been waiting and waiting

And the it’s been raining and shining

She tears off the posters off her walls

Taint them with the color red

And now she’s lying across her bed

Her walls are now painted red

She’s been waiting for Superman

And he never came

He never flew across the sky

He’ll never take her to the stars

She’s still crying and no one is saving her

She’s only 16 years young

Her innocence has been tainted

And her walls have been painted

Waiting for Superman

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