They’re burning, I’d rather be numb

I hate putting myself in the position to break, its hard to fall when you’re only knee deep in.

I’m just chasing fools gold,

Thinking I’ll be getting somewhere,

I’m just going in circles

Thinking something is going to change

It’s hard enough to let go

It isn’t something you need to know

How much trouble I’d get myself into

I don’t want to open my heart again

They say you can always learn from the pain

But I’ve wasted so much time before

Expecting it to be something more

Only to have empty conversations

And uninvited reservations

I’m tired of having to be the one to fall

The walls were burned down

And I’m building them back up

Don’t you see I don’t want to lose again?

Lessons were learned from the last time

I won’t be stupid to fall for the same lines

And I won’t say that you’ll be better

Because “yes” will only leave me paralyzed

I know what this feeling is

Can you feel the pressure that’s crushing my lungs?

I wish I was just numb

It’s the same emotion over and over again

But the situation is never fair

Even if it’s going to be different

Will I believe it?

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