I’d Say Your name but it’s already spelled out

It’s easy to say the name but the obvious is already written in between the lines 😉 You just have to figure it out if you’re the one I’m talking about

Your big green eyes and your curly hair

You make me smile even when you’re not there

You talk slow but my mind lingers to every word you say

But you’ll be on a plane ride back home

You’ll have screaming girls by your side

While I’m here wishing I wasn’t alone


Then my head starts playing games

Voices telling me things I shouldn’t say


But I don’t want to think that way

I’m just another girl you stopped by to see,

Another girl you just met,

Pretended it was love and then you left

But I picture your bright green eyes

The way you laugh at almost everything

Smile when there’s no reason to

Now you’re on a plane ride back home

And I’m here waiting on you


You say jokes that are not even that funny

But I laugh at it anyway just to see you smile

I hate this feeling I get whenever I see you walk away

And all I want is to ask you to stay

Before you get on that plane and fly

Don’t make me believe it was all a lie

Making me fall and then leaving


Will you remember early in December?

When we walked down the streets

You were scared to hold my hand

Blushing every time I’d give you the chance


Now you’ll be on a plane ride back home

Then you said you’ll never make me feel alone

You give me that charming little smile of yours

Hold me tight before your car drives you away

You speak slowly but my heart lingers with every word you say


I’m not just another girl you stopped by to see

You told me you never want to hurt me

I’m not just another you just met

You said you’ll come back as soon as you left

Now you’re on a plane ride back home

Wishing you would see again tomorrow

And I’ll be waiting…waiting for you…


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