Remember Sunday

This was written in a male’s perspective. I wrote this last year while listening to All Time Low’s “Remember Sunday” hence the title.

I’m not that good in actual writing, so if you are a grammar natzi and found more than 5 errors I am sorry for the brain hemorrhage that I have caused you 🙂

Her eyes were the color of the blue sky and her smile was like the sun that always brightens my day now I only stare at an empty bed. The sound of her laughter fills the air then I remember that I’m all alone and the sound was the kettle whistling. I turned off the radio too afraid to hear any love song that contradicts my feelings or a song that fully interprets my emotions. My phone however is in my hands hoping that she would call but I’ve been waiting for hours.

Actually days… ever since she’s left. I’ve been pacing the floor day and night wondering if I should call. But I guess she’s moved on because she didn’t bother at all. I asked our friends to know how she is then they’ll just go silent and tell me what they think I want to hear but here is what I have heard. She met someone new. I didn’t care for the name or whoever he is because it hurts to know that I was easily replaced.

Now here I am staring at the bed that we used to share, all the time spent talking and laughing and all the kissing. We’d wake up in each others arms, she looked so peaceful with her eyes closed her long lashes framing her eyes and her rosy cheeks. The feeling of her wrapped around in my arms. Those days now seem so far away, it might never happen again.

The scene starts playing in my head once more trying to see where we went wrong. She came home crying and I was frustrated with my professor and my grades that went down the toilet and my job on the line. She only asked for my time or at least a hug or maybe just a look. But I gave her none of that she has been asking for; I ignored her cry for help. She needed a shoulder but I left her there coldly. We fought that night so many words that were said how I wish I can take them back. I wish got hold of her hand before she walked out the door. I wish I stopped her right on her tracks as she left for the door with her bag in hand.

It’s 2 am  now and the same thing has been keeping me awake. I sleep on the couch too afraid to sleep in the bed that we used to share. I still smell her strawberry perfume and then I remember the happy look on her face from the days of our past then the face she had when she left me.

I’m determined to get her back and bring back the days that we lost. I’m tired of falling to my knees whenever I remember her, the girl of my dreams, the girl who got a hold of my heart and I’m going crazy without her by my side. Her best friend tells me to stay away, her father won’t look me in the eye anymore and her mother ignores me. Why can’t I just call her?

I want to hear her voice say my name again; I stare at my phone and try to press the call button. Stop the tears from streaming down my face. She was the one…the girl of my dreams and then I go to the room we once shared and open the closet where our clothes used to stand side by side. Dig into the pockets of one my pants and get the engagement ring I bought for her months ago. It’s driving me crazy, she’s the girl of my dreams and one day I wanted to ask her to marry me. But the words couldn’t slip out now she’s slipped out of my life.

The fight plays in my head again and the smile on her face would flash in my head once in a while. I’m still crazy for her. She is the girl of my dreams, I wanted her to be my wife and make her mine. Share a life with her. We struck a disaster and I wonder where she is now. I want to hear her voice say my name and beg for her to come back. I’ll always remember Sunday.

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