My Essay i wrote in my Junior Year about Essays

During my junior year we had an assignment to write an essay about essays. Clever isn’t it? Well the idea not talking about my essay but the idea of writing an essay about essays. Okay that was too redundant.

I took long writing it because I didn’t understand what exactly I was writing, my first draft was a little too boring and the second draft made me want to rip anything in sight. But as they say third is the charm in my case it wasn’t because I exceeded a page too long, 2 pages was the maximum. So fourth was the charmer but I don’t know if it is good though I did get a good grade out of it. I decided to relate the forms of writing such as poems, stories and essays to designing clothes, I love fashion and I put it together with writing. Not that impressive but I got tired and I thought it was good enough, not just enough but good.

Words can be sewn together in different ways it could be like a ribbon tied with metaphors and rhymes making it a poem. It can be long with different patterns of stitching putting together a few loose ends then finally a grand finish making a beautiful story. An essay however is different it is not limited or as short as a poem and it does not exceed a hundred pages just to tell a simple story. It is not only entertaining to man.

“Out of his musings, his observations, his involvement with practically everything that surrounds him and to a certain extent, even with the verities beyond his easy grasp, evolves the essay, an attempt to portray and delineate and interpret life or its multifarious segments.” in the essay called “The Essay.” the writers tells about what is an essayist and what an essayist to write in his essay.

A writer is like a seamstress with delicate hands holding a pin and needle creating patterns, putting together different textures and colors of fabric to create a dress. An essayist is not limited when it comes to his creative process when writing an essay. He does not feel confided in his own work afraid to write his ideas and present them in any manner of his choosing. The essayist is fearless and open minded with his writings to persuade, to inspire and to educate its readers. Different essays have different motives for the readers to understand and make them think. If a poet gives you a soft tender touch in the heart, a story teller entertains your imagination and an essayist can do both.

However an essay can make people think, why do most prefer a long story than something as short as an essay can be? Why do other people prefer to read a love poem rather than a persuasive essay that can make them think? Why would other prefer to go through pages and pages and be caught in a web of plotlines? An essay is not condemned to any meter or rhyming scheme and is less cryptic as a poem can be yet others would prefer to indulge themselves in those very few lines. There are those who would cry their eyes red reading a whole book in one setting when an essay is just a few pages short.

An essay is not subjective to just love but the writer’s mood, observations and ideas or ramblings. People would prefer something that would keep them at ease when they read, the want entertainment something that can make them laugh and cry and relate to. An essay is either formal or informal, clearing out ideas or stating an idea. It can be funny and tearful but most would want a story behind it not just an idea of someone else. If an essay can make you think then why do not many read an essay to make them ponder and have their mind set open rather than limited? There is an answer and it is because most would want a story behind the lines rather than an idea.

Yet that is what makes an essay beautiful, it’s an idea or ideas that makes the brain ponder on as the eyes linger to every single word written on the simple piece of paper. It is not just a simple piece of literature to present its ideas to you; it gives you an idea and makes you re-think your own ideas making you a little more open minded. It does not aim to please its audience but to make its audience think and give them their ideas and how the can present in a creative manner to persuade them to agree to its ideas or at least consider them.

It’s different, the way a person writes an essay is different because an essayist can write whatever his mind can create and whatever mood suits him. It’s different because it does not let you get caught in a web of different storylines and a twisted plot and it simply does not please to entertain you. An essay is not as short and as heartwarming as poem can be and it is not as entertaining as a novel. However an essay is mind grabbing, inspiring and you can learn from complex ideas made simple.

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