They said there’s a rainbow

After every storm

It’s been raining for so long

I forgot about the sun

I’ve been running for days

Finding for shade

But you run into the rain

As if it can wash away the pain

You dance with the lightening

Go with the beat of the thunder

While I wait for a rainbow

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  1. Thought you might like this….. (Something I wrote ages ago)

    Are we not all just one,
    When prismed not alone?
    The colours differently clear,
    Yet all bindingly so, so near?

    The red ends in violet,
    And the ends all collect.
    From one horizon to another,
    Hued in one mystical order.


    1. it’s beautiful, how we are all somehow one even if we are different.

      it’s really beautiful thanks for sharing that 🙂


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