My Love For You

My love for you… my dear and wonderful. The one who leaves me wonderstruck to this day. The one who enchants my heart. You’ll never know how much you mean to me, how I can never really mean much to you. So if I can ever tell you what my heart and mind ties together here it is, though I know I can never really say or would think of even saying all of this to you, my love will never truly fade and I may find another but you’ll always have a special place in my heart.
My love for you is like the way the stars would miss the beautiful moon during its phases.

As it slowly fades and they would have to wait for it to come back, if stars can weep then they would whenever the beautiful moon is not in its place in the night sky. You are the beautiful moon in the sky, I await your arrival and here I am crowded by others same as I except some shines brighter. You are surrounded by many stars how can you ever notice one?

The way my heart yearns for you is like the flowers yearning for the sun during the cold and dark winter days and nights. They would miss the warm rays of light from the sun that usually stays in the morning sky then sets for the night. I await for hours, even days and when a storm would arise I’d still be here waiting for the sun to finally shed its light. You are the sun, you give me warmth and make me feel secure. I am just another flower surrounded with many others that are like me and some dressed in petals of bold color and leaves that are greener. They bloom easily as you come. The way I am surrounded with more beauty, you will never really notice me.
I compare myself to two things as I compare you to two as well. You are the sun and the moon I share you with many others that appreciate such beauty and others who never can see it or uses it. You bring joy to my heart once I see you, yet I am a star among many other stars that shines brighter that will catch your eye and never mine. I’m a flower that blooms but you’ll notice the other kinds of flowers such as a rose or a sunflower or something more grand and tall and petals of bold colors to match yours. Prettier than I, you’ll never really see me as I hide behind blades of grass, I’ll never be your first pick.
I await, I stand here and in the midst of a crowd. It would take a miracle for you to see.

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