Addicted To The Drug

There’s always that drug you can’t get over

Until your face turns a different color


You’re my Achilles’ heel

The weakness I can’t face

You’re the tears in my eyes

The reason for all my lies

You’re the same old question

That keeps me up at night


I keep on running back to you

No matter how many times I turn away

I’ll remember the words I can never say

This is the part where they say “I told you so”

Now I wish I forget all that I know

Now every time I turn around

I can’t get you out of my mind

And I’m back to my vice


I guess the clouds never settled

When I thought I’m sober

Thought it was finally over

Now I’m back to hopeless wishes

Falling over hard choices

Back to the pill that drove me crazy

I already tasted such a bitter ending


The vice that overtook my heart,

When I finally thought I was sober,

You reminded me it wasn’t over.

Now do I want to be saved?

Or stay in this straight jacket?

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