Fall into Stars

 you picture the way you meet in your head, a cool start off then to a casual conversation and then somehow in the end you feel like friends. But when reality meets you, your fantasy stays forever a fantasy because you’re too speechless to actually intake the moment. 


Every night you sing me to sleep,

Dream of you until I’m wide awake.

Try to straighten up from this hazy state

Everything is written in black and white

But your lyrics give it color,

You are everything I need and want

But I’m just another girl to you

Another girl trying to hold your hand,

Get you to say her name,

Even just one word to her

Even just for one picture


You’ll never know how much you mean to me,

You’ll never know how you leave me every night,

After the spotlight fades on the stage

Even then you still haven’t left my sight


You’ll never know how you sing your lyrics

Move my heart and leave me breathless

How just one moment with you

Even just for a minimum second

Can make me beam for a year

Smile just for you to hear

Me when I scream your name

But all I’ll ever be is a fool

Waiting for a miracle


You’ll never know the hours spent

You might not even remember that moment

Where you actually noticed me

To this day it still leaves me happy

So even as the spotlight fades

You’re still what a memory will make


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