I pictured meeting him so many times before, and almost every one of them I’m smiling like an idiot and talk like there is no tomorrow but he finds it entertaining and cute enough to keep up an actual conversation. I imagine it however my gut tells me it won’t happen like that, I’ll just smile and be too starstruck to say anything to him. I’ll just stand there speechless, be quiet for the first time and my mind won’t let me say a word. i’ll be paralyzed but still happy that I was near him and got to meet him.


Walk in a room all eyes on you

Spotlight on stage with your guitar

Smiling like a superstar

People are screaming your name

You start singing a new song

Everyone is going insane

You winked you got them crazy


But there’s a girl in the crowd

Who wasn’t screaming that loud

But I just want to let you know

That she’s starstruck by you

Not a single word came out of her mouth

Because she was starstruck by you

Got that warm fuzzy feeling

Every time she’d caught you staring


You got this girl starstruck

Even if every other girl caught your attention

You locked eyes with a girl on the street

Made her feel as if she’s the only one

You got her starstruck with your brown eyes

Starstruck by your amazing voice


You got her starstruck by a superstar

Shining brighter than the ones above

Got her starstruck almost falling in love

Got her starstruck enough to be speechless


You got me starstruck to leave me breathless

You got me with nothing left to say

You got me starstruck, you blew me away…

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