Flipping Over Love

You know a book is your favorite when you can always read and re-read it over and over and never get tired of it. My favorite book would have to be FLIPPED, I never get tired with the story. The whole book is a “he says” – “she says” kind of thing, where there is alternating chapters of both characters narrating it.  The story is about love and how you can just FLIP over one person. Oh believe me from all the poems I’ve written I’ve flipped over someone. Some guy made me happy and then sad the next. But I was never really IN love, more of out of love and pining for it. I’ve never actually been with someone who made me feel… so different as if everything is changed.

There wasn’t anything where music could have easily played in the background and it was our little movie scene. Maybe because I’m too scared to actually fall in love. Yes the heroin named Juliet, too afraid to fall in love with a Romeo what a twisted story compared to the original.

Well I don’t want love like Romeo&Juliet, or Bella and Edward. I want love that is just… so crazy it feels so normal!

I don’t want just another puppy love that will lead to big expectations and then leaves you broken down when it doesn’t happen.

I don’t want something based what is in between the sheets just to feel a rush of something new and exciting.

I don’t want just compromise of change and then everything goes sour when you can’t take the mask off.

I also don’t want comfortable and easy as if nothing is happening.

Well I want love that’s so crazy it feels so normal!

I want something where you can be the best of friends, the worst of enemies and then love each and keep each other at the end of the day. I want it to be something so crazy almost so irrational to make sense of it all but know that you can lean on someone at the end of the night. Someone who will be there to tell you what you need to hear, someone to fight with you until you’re both screaming knowing that you just want it to end and I need someone who will be there just to be with me.

Love is something so simple yet to complicated to feel, you don’t know when it’s real or where to begin and scared for it to end. I want to be with someone who can make me feel like everyday is going to be the end and that if our love will not last he’ll make everything look as if it would last.
And if it does last, he still keeps me awake and alive like tomorrow never ended.

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