Forget about perfect endings

This isn’t the same old story

Carefully placed my heart in a jar

Carefully played the pieces one by one

Now I’m staring at the mirror full of cracks

Letting myself disregard the facts

Trying to see things clearer

But I’m stuck in this circle

Jumped out in a second

Rode in a carousel

Spinning round and around

Leading nowhere we can be found

Yet the sun seems brighter

The moon a whole lot bigger

Feeling like I can reach the stars

And I drawn my future in crayons

Woke up from all this pretending

With a tidal wave of wishes

Emotions strained from waiting

But nothing was shattered

They just collided

Spinning in this carousel of colors

And walking in never ending tomorrows

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  1. it looks like you’re in a spiral of emotions, over thinking things, and riding with life’s colorful surprises. just go with the flow save some sunshine and bring home a beautiful rainbow. Life is beautiful, write some more and document your adventures with pens and needles 🙂


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