Mother’s Day Card


Nealty folded, crisp and white
with love sealed in tight
colors out of the lines
drawing of sticks and a yellow swirl
a sad excuse for anything drawn
but there’s a twitch of a curve on your lips
a smile for something hand given
The words were not even
Yet you could careless for pageantary
From a four year old

Little less effort maybe
Barely a card really
Written in a sticky pen
It slants, the “i” looks like an “e”
But you still say “thank you” for the sloppy
Work she says she did so well
You could careless for showmanship
As long as she remembered to put love

Barely anything done, no color, no glitter
It’s not even made by hand
Store bought, around 20 perhaps
The cheapest thing they have
It was a rush, fast at the thought
But thank God she did not forgot
You still smile at least she gave something
It still has love around the edges
The edges she never folded

She might not say it all or show any emotion
Rolls her eyes from time to time
But you tolerate her bratty rants
While you work like an army of ants
You try to hold your head high avoid to scream
Maybe you lose it but it’s understandable
No one can be indestructible
But you try

I love you, happy mother’s day
Written in black and white
Instead of colorful rainbows
But it’s written with love

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