Too Fiction

I confuse stomach pains

For butterflies

Look at conversations

Only 1 week old

Don’t overthink simple things

They always say

Be careful if it’s torn

But I ignore it anyway


Tell me where I am

This can’t be real

I barely fall like this

But you give me all your attention

Tell me how you can keep your presentation

All charming and cool

While I try not to be a fool


I can’t believe what is happening
is there really a happy ending?

Every single word is now a moment

I can still see your smile as the car drives off

Hear your voice trailing away
you look at me and can’t believe
that I’m actually feeling all cliché


Confuse simple jolts of laughter

With fireworks

Confuse a simple smile

For something more

I forget everything that was ever told

About being a love sick fool

Maybe you’re just another fantasy

Too fiction to be reality

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