A Romantic Comedy

If life were another movie cliché

I’d be the girl you’d sweep away

But the problem here is that we’re in reality

That’s just the bitter truth I don’t want to know

And I won’t find you with a guitar singing outside my window

Or holding up a boom box over your head at midnight

And then have my dad yelling for you to leave

Nope, my life is no romantic comedy


It’s not another shiny production of Hollywood

If I can make it happen then I would!

My conversations are not written in such witty lines

That would leave everyone I know laughing

Instead it’s just repeated words from excessive talking

Even if my words would come out cliché every given moment

I wouldn’t mind as long as there is that happy ever after second


My life is not going to be an Oscar nominee

If it would then I’ll take the prize for the black and white

Boredom award if there was ever one then I’d win!

I’d be the bell of the ball and the dullness of the night

Because my life is not some romantic comedy but I wish it was

But don’t get me wrong I’m not wishing for it to be a movie

All I want is for my life to be some romantic comedy


Have all the basic clichés and that same old plot line

Where boy meets girl and have some wonderful moments

And then those dramatic climaxes before the big ending kiss

Have that one scene stealing moment where people would cheer!

(If not cheer then laugh or cry, either way some strong emotion)

Have people smile when he first utters those words “I love you”

Then have a soundtrack for everything that he or I do


I want my life to be some romantic comedy

Where the boy I’m in love with is guaranteed to also fall

And I don’t have to wait weeks, months for him to actually call!

If I add in years then I’ll fall under the category of pathetic

But still if my life was a romantic comedy I’d have the audience sympathetic

Yet again the bitterness of reality comes sweeping in my mind

Reminding me that my life is not going to be a box office hit


If my life was going to be a movie I’d avoid any other genre

Especially if it has anything to do with drama

If it’s a thriller I rather not have surprises jumping out my closet

If it was action I rather keep every limb attached to my body

If it was a mystery then I rather not know if I’m the victim or the suspect

I want laughter and tears and the combination of both!

Not have every character crying to one explosive emotion

Or have any explosives period in any given situation


But here I am sitting in this swirl of reality

Hoping to find someone who’d not only see you as the answer

Or the girl who is just another bright question

But someone who will be so easy to reach and have them to hold

Be the one they’ll love and every single stitch that broke their heart

Will heal from the moment they saw you enter the room

It’s not just love in first sight but one smile can leave them sleepless

And here’s the romantic fallen and bruised but not so hopeless


This is all I could ever wish a romantic comedy brought to life

Where I may not know the next scene coming

But it would be a sure end of a happy ending

And there’s the fine line between you want and the unrequited

Because you’ll meet and know that it’s closer to everything you wanted

And the boy would be the one standing in the rain calling out your name

Or sing your favourite song just to prove the point of his feelings

And proclaim his apology in front of strangers at some local mall

Or have him worry when you did even bother to return a simple call


I want my life to be some romantic comedy

Even if it’s not some big shot movie

And the hopeless romantic with the movie collection

Will not stay up all night thinking of that single conversation

Because if this was a romantic comedy and not reality

Tomorrow would be the sweetest cliché

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