His Song


That was when I heard him sing

I always did fall hard easily for a guy who can pick up a guitar and sing

Especially if his voice is smooth and rough at the same time

My knees would go weak and I have to hold back such a girly scream

But with his voice I wouldn’t mind the utter humiliation

As long as I got his attention


When I heard him sing

I swear that I lost track of everything

Where I was, who I was with, the time and even the date!

(That was a Tuesday by the way)

All I can think about was how good he looked smiling on stage

Playing his guitar and the emotions he brought with every song

He’s still keep going even if the lyrics were wrong!

I wanted to cheer so loud so he can see me

But I just clap along with the audience that lacked the enthusiasm I had


I loved the way he sings and every song too

I’d catch myself smiling whenever he’d sing a song I thought only I knew

The sort of songs I like were ones that doesn’t get much radio air

So it took me by surprise when he sang a song by a band that I have been obsessing over

A band I keep telling my friends to listen to! A band that was overseas and not mainstream

And for him to sing a song by them it made my heart melt

It made me wonder if has their albums or were there any songs in his i-Pod that were indie

It would be nice too if he sang one of their songs for me


Because the moment I heard him sing

I swear to God that I would do almost anything

To catch his eye! To know that I know every lyric to his melody

But instead I clapped along with the audience

And watch the spotlight fade from the stage


That was when I heard him sing

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