Dear Whoever,

Dear whoever this song is dedicated to. Dear whoever this letter is addressing to and dear whoever will make sure that I will never stop loving them.

I’ve read a quote from this book saying that the moment you fall in love it feels like there is centuries behind it. Because how can you fit a big emotion into such short time? How can something that only seems like a second feel like an enormity? If there is such a thing as past lives then there has to be something written or unwritten between the two of you that made you perfectly intertwined. There has to be some sort of history behind it, history we don’t know but make it feel like our present and hopefully our future.

Maybe it’s not the same way with whoever it is this letter is for, but for me it feels like another repetition. I think I’ve written an essay or a letter with some sort of dedication to someone I am, in the moment, in love with. How in every sentence I mention how each of them are different and how I’ve never felt anything like it before. But the truth I seem to always forget is that I’ve felt it before, more than once. So it’s not really love just some delusion I set myself to believe. Because if it was love than I wouldn’t have mentioned how different it was or how I feel the universe wants us to be together. Whenever I say that i feel that I have to convince myself that it is something called “love” rather than feel it.

So dear whoever is reading this, I will not say that I feel like there is centuries behind us or that this is some deja vu feeling and this is not the first time I’ve met you. Because it will sound crazy and I’m just going through a never ending cycle.

Dear whoever you are, I am not going to say that I’m falling however I do feel a little shakey when you pass by. I am not going to say that I want you to feel the same even if this sounds negative I know nothing good will come out of high school expectations. I rather let you know that maybe there is some sort of feeling but I’m not quite sure if it has a name.

So maybe I have felt like this a thousand times before and it’s not like the repetition I always find myself to do. Maybe this is a deja vu, because if you don’t mean anything why am I still writing?

Dear whoever I hope you know that in this short moment an entirety has just passed.

Love Always,


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