Clarification of Confusion

Can you tell me how can you remember things that never happen?

While lying into these comfortable empty conversations

It’s not pretending or some crazy illusion

I promise you I’m not under some hallucination

Maybe stuck in a dream with no final conclusion

Wide awake yet asleep in the same old fantasy

I miss the love that was almost there

A finish line with nothing to lose

Win a competition but nothing there to gain

Don’t tell me that this is something sane

Because you’re so near while I’m screaming your name

We are so near yet so far

Yet I don’t know why I’m not walking

Somehow 3 minutes is almost like a year

With you a life time has passed

I blame you for these cliché emotions

Young and reckless, smart yet stupid

Why tell me something you will never ever do?

Am I crazy for falling for you?

Am I blind by some bliss I cannot feel?

Or I’m trying my best to not see what I cannot see?

Or am I stuck in a fantasy escaping whatever is real?

Or I am losing my perception to this emotion?

You’re both the clarity and the confusion

Because of you, you are my only thought

Romance that seems to be only in books

Is it my fault that I look past all that was looks?

All I am now is slipping cracks trying to find facts

No, no, no my head seems to always say

Guess what? I’m ignoring it anyway!

Even if you are the clutter that I cannot throw

With you there’s that tiny bit of wisdom I seem to know

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