Little Owl

It’s snowing you said

It’s beautiful you said

But it’s only ephemeral

You told me that I’m negative

You told me I don’t appreciate anything

You leave the room saying you need to think

For some reason what I said got you mad

Honestly it sounded almost poetic

So it’s you who did not appreciate it

Not me, you, but for you it’s always me


I’d say that I’m tired

But that would be a lie

Because love is not supposed to be tiring

You’re not supposed to feel exhausted

Beaten down, but feel a weight lifted

As cliché as that sounds, well it’s supposed to be

Every single movie scene emotion

Every single love song suddenly comes to life


So even if you walk out with one little detail

I’d stay here either waiting or just stare

Or even run after you not with an apology

But a smile and a look hoping words won’t have to play

Maybe just the silence will tell you what’s needed to say

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