Love Is What Love Is

Love is full of patience and love is kind

But full of constant repetition

Different faces but we’ve all been through that conversation

Sure they say practice makes perfect

But this stupid routine is betting permanent.

The idea of falling over and over and over again

The cycle that starts to warmth might end in pain

Some of us are not the lucky ones

Who meet them at the very first moment


No some of us are always looking

Always the one searching

For some reason we’re here waiting

Some of us don’t even bother to find it

Some of us believe fate will take charge

But sometimes when we don’t realize it

The waiting becomes something of a habit


When we finally meet love in its flesh

We are caught either by surprise to what we have not expected

Or be in that beautiful sensation of passion

Because even if time is tired everything still feels as fresh

If love is love then time is not a tiring tale just a form of living


I pictured love with a bright smile

And knows my favorite songs by heart

But love did show me him

However love did not say it was him

Love can fool us, love can pester us

Love is kind and love is patient

It’s just us who has to wait for it

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