Blue French Horn and the Yellow Umbrella

Okay I will admit I am a HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER FAN and most fans were disappointed with the ending. I will admit I was to, my reasons might fill the whole page so I’ll save you the trouble. In this poem I based it on how Robin and Tracy [The mother] were symbolized in the series. Robin being the Blue french horn and Tracy being the yellow umbrella.


The blue French horn on my wall

            You’re not the person I see

I keep reminding myself we’re meant to be

But I fell in love with the idea I made of you

You are the risk I was willing to take

The only reason to every promise I’d break

The more I chase after you

The more people tell me I’m stupid

I’m not the underdog they are rooting for

I’m the idiot they’re trying to pull away

Because they told me that there isn’t a chance that you’ll stay


The yellow umbrella I’m holding

            You are the hope that I thought I lost

You made me feel like everything was worth it

The tears, the pain, the mixed confusions

You finally filled the blanks of my unending conversations

The reason to why I kept fighting

Even if I thought I was already losing

I did not hit the jackpot because you’re not the prize

You are mine and you always were I just had to look harder

Thank God I finally did because I was about to run backwards


To the hopeless in love

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