The Fault In Its Demand

There was pain

A heaviness in my chest

I didn’t know whether to cry or scream

It’s pain that couldn’t fathom actions

Just thoughts

They are not thoughts of realization

Or nostalgia

Or even sad words

Not even enough metaphors


Its stillness

You wish you can move

A deafening silence

That made you crave sound

A blindness that actually

Made you wish all you can see is nothing

This pain has no execution

Just this


It’s not bottled

You know it’s there

It’s not a late reaction

Yet I wonder why I’m not reacting

But you know you’ll explode

I’m not crying

Or screaming

I’m just feeling


It’s like a star

There is millions of it

Still and beautiful

They are just there, balls of gases

So still then it explodes

My pain is not as beautiful as the stars

My pain is doing its job

Demanding to be felt

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