Tearing Apart Yesterday

How can you drown the feeling?

How can it go away without the scars?

I’ve been spending so long trying

In the cold and raining

Washing away the pain

Only to have so much still remain


Tell me that it’s never going to come back

Tell me that it’s still going to be the same

Tell me every lie that your heart is making


I’m tearing apart yesterday

Holding on to these pieces

That leads to every memory

If I have to move on

You’ll know it’s not my choice

Just to get rid of your voice

So let’s draw tomorrow

And tear apart yesterday


My apologies are suffocating

Words are my bitter taste of damage

Going through the seams of what we used to be

Burning my broken promises

Found in these worn pages

Hoping that we’d still be pretending


I’m covered with bandages

The aftermath of my decisions

Trying to sort my demons together

With ghosts carving their way out of my past

Now I’m drowning in unsaid thoughts

With words I should’ve choked on

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