I never asked for anyone to save me
So if you’re looking for the exit sign
I’ll show you where you should walk away
This isn’t a fragile warning
It’s a fact that me and you won’t last
I’m as cold as the ice you’re breaking
If you were smart you’d end this conversation

I’m saying this straight, no codes and no game
I promise I don’t need your number or your name
The last thing i want is to replay my history
One two many times I’ve fallen
Now I’m broken and I listen to my heart less

I know i come off a little harsh
But there’s a story you’ll never know
I don’t care if you think I’m heartless
I’m too much trouble for your own good
So take what I’m saying as a lesson
Turn your back because I’m you’re next regret
If you want to avoid the pain keep the distance

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