October Rains


I asked for your name
I wish I never did
Because I was speaking in tongues
With goosebumps crawling on my neck
And you hadn’t touched me yet

I asked for your number
That was my second mistake
For a year I spoke in mediocre abbreviations
While I screamed metaphors to my pillow
I’m dramatically poetic, as if you’ll ever know
You only hear me when I’m wryly sarcastic

You had me writing letters
You had me making dedications
Ask anyone, I never show that much affection
I should’ve left but you had me hooked
And all it took was one conversation

I convinced myself you weren’t real
Or I’m denying every emotion I feel
You make me mad, you left me depressed
Hung up, hungover, still holding on to you
But I forgive you with every chance you get

It takes you three seconds
To make me laugh
You were the only shoulder
That could carry my burden
The only one who can make me smile
After crying my heart out

Now you’re a past tense in my storyline
A regret, a “what if” and another page torn
I shouldn’t have asked your name
I shouldn’t have gotten your number
It’s my fault and I’m still attached

Cut me off
So I can learn to let go

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