You’re the definition of false hope

Emily Dickinson”


They are screaming for me not to give up
Yet don’t you think two years is enough?
It’s tiring and wasteful
To lose my mind over appropriate metaphors
They tell me to always have hope
Because it’s the thing with feathers
But let me give my rebuttal

Emily Dickinson is not here to justify that line
She’s not here to give her explanation
She is not here to witness my deterioration
You are…

I honestly don’t know what to do at this point
I’ve declared I’m letting you go
When I am still holding on

Emily Dickinson says hope is the thing with feathers
But does she know that birds can fly away then fly back?
Does she know that your hope is torture?
And I’m the masochist embracing the pain
Yet I rather give in to the struggle
Than feel hopeless and empty

The last line reads: “it asked a crumb – of me”
And trust me you have every piece

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  1. I think you have said it all. Every little piece of crumb they take leaves a little less you… or perhaps they are on the wrong track – Emily Dickinson makes me feel, not think (well, sometimes I think 🙂 )


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