Romantically Drunk


I have an inbox filled with slurs
Drunk texts on the receiving end
An empty bottle next to my charger
Shot glasses left on the table
And blurred thoughts with heavy eyes
I asked myself, “What the fuck happened last night?”

It takes seconds to reach for my phone
It’s five in the morning
I’m cringing reading the words I’ve said
The truth has typos in case you didn’t know
Now that I’m sober it’s hard for me to decipher
If I said “I love you” or typed randomly
Either way, you didn’t believe me

Where was I last night that I had my phone
and where were you, did you laugh or realized
That maybe you’ve known for so long but denied
I can only recall staring at a bright screen
With midnight passing me and I didn’t even felt it
Because I waited for your reply
To my unconscious messages

It wasn’t that I’ve confessed while intoxicated
Trust me there are worse things I’ve regretted
It’s that I told you I loved you
And you replied
“I don’t believe you.”

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