Oh Christmas Day, Dear St. Nick


Dear St. Nicholas, are you real? Or are you a device used by corporations to give people faith and then in turn give up their wallets? Do I sound bitter yet? I hope not because Christmas, out of all the Holidays should be spent with joy. Some might call it blind optimism but wouldn’t it be great to have a vacation away from our own stressful thoughts? We should let ourselves smile because even if tomorrow we’d be back on the same routine, wouldn’t it be nice if we had one day a year to be happy? You will say it’s best if we’re always happy however “always” is a hard promise to keep. Let Christmas be that one day a year to know your demons will not bother you on a joyous occasion that they, too, are on vacation. Hopefully permanent if not then relish in the fact that today everything is brighter, everything is better and even when midnight strikes and tomorrow will be like every other day remember your Christmas day.

So St. Nicholas, if you’re real I want you to have a vacuum with you on your sleigh. It sounds absurd I know but hear me out. You carry presents for children, make them smile but maybe you can have a present for everyone else as well. Those who are no longer children and innocence is nothing but a memory. Those who have dark days and hoped for longer nights. Because they too need a little something every once in a while, even if it’s once a year. And what use is a vacuum? Well I know your magic and that means the word “impossible” is not in your dictionary so you can make it possible. A vacuum’s use would be enchanted, instead of sucking in dust mites it would take away the demons that shadow us. If you could circle the world in one night on a flying sleigh then a vacuum that sucks away our inner demons is not a ludicrous of an idea.

Dear St. Nicholas if I and a million other people can be entertained by the idea of you then would you consider the vacuum?  

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