If my words were a fist


Let me write you a verse
Because that is all you deserve
I’m trying to find something that would inspire me
Instead I found you, and you are as useless as a muse
You create anger, not words
You are the personification of annoyance
I roll my eyes, you make my skin itch
I get an allergic reaction
After one conversation

Irritated, the only sparks I feel
Are the ones that causes explosions
An explosion that destroys everything in its vicinity
I beg of you, please don’t touch me
Better yet don’t even come close
Because my initial urge would be to slap you across the

I get it you’re smart but it doesn’t excuse you
From being as mundane as the rest of us
Oh if you look up the word “cocky” you’ll see your
picture next to the definition
However cocky isn’t the right word, there has to be
another word
A better term that fits your personality
I will not further glorify you
By using your name as a definition

My gosh why are you such a…
I am holding back every swear word I know
Because instead of your name, I’ll call you any cuss
word I want
But let me keep this PG because there is no bleep
My thoughts of you should be censored like an Eminem

I said you deserve a verse
Sadly this is longer than expected
Damn boy, see what you’ve done to me

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