I am smarter than you think
However i choose my sentences carefully
To avoid your judgment, to avoid being called pretentious
However is it a crime to love out of the norm ideas?
Is it a crime to have a passion for an art rarely practiced?
Because you said you loved me no matter what
I guess there were conditions I forgot

You fell for the girl that loves incubus
You fell for the girl who knows Oasis
You fell for her playlists, the bands plastered on her walls
You fell for a part of me thinking it was all of me
Forgot i had a mind, forgot I love conversations that don’t fit into boxes
You said you love me for my words

Darling you’re putting me on mute
Telling me I’m making you look stupid
I was only talking darling, its your insecurity
Thinking you have to meet my caliber
I will not think of you any less if we have different views
However you only thought of me less
Because I finally presented myself

You told me you wanted all of me
However you did not consider my mind or soul
Because you think my body is in your control
It’s not, oh damn I wish I knew
And I wouldn’t have let you see parts of me
Pieces people are yet to put together
And I was there to give you the final puzzle image
No sneak peeks, no clues or previews

Hidden messages kept in between thoughts
When all you wanted was what was in between my legs
My shoulders have no use, my hands are disposable
Yet you treat me like I am irreplaceable
Am I precious to you? If so for what reason?
Because you’ve made it so clear that its not me you’re in love with

You are in love with the girl you’ve first met
I am still her, the one who can finish your verses
But she is part of me, if you only want her
Then what’s the point of having me?

Please tell me that you fell for me
More than the fact you thought I was pretty
My mother told me not to be picky
However I deserve more than somebody who only wants to fuck me
You want parts of me that are easy to touch
I wish I knew that all you wanted was a bedside partner
However sleep isn’t in that sort of agreement

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