Delete my number because I’m not worth your call
Delete me from your Facebook
Actually while you’re at it delete me from your life
I don’t deserve being your temporary contact
I do not deserve to be a phone call away
To fill your void, your emptiness
And to be forgotten once you’re better

I am not your medicine, your doctor, your therapist
I am a person, your friend who never asked for more
And I gave you my time, my energy, my words, my shoulders and my tears
I wasted every fiber of my being catering to you
Because I thought that loving you meant giving you half of me
But then you destroyed me, taking pieces that were no longer there

So please give me the floor
It would only take a few seconds
You barely acknowledge my texts
Much less my feelings
And I expect for you to finally listen
I am tired of our circle of denial
Tired of watching you pull distractions out of your ass

You are making a fool out of this situation
Because I finally found the courage to have this conversation
I am putting my heart on the line, bare with my emotions
I do not deserve your silence
I deserve a goddamn explanation
If you won’t give me that, cut me off let’s make this easier

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