Letters You Left

There are writings on the wall
There are writings in the sky
There are writings in the places you’ve been
Your marks are the words you’ve said over and over
Laced in our memories because of constant repetition
Rehearsed stories worth more than one conversation

Some were told during drunken nights
Some were told during 3 am philosophical sessions
Some were told when we’re wide awake and sober
Some were told during endless refills of bad coffee

There were days you’d turn ramblings into poetry
There were days you’d intoxicate yourself to find inspiration
Because you believe that vodka helps writer’s block
You believe that after one smoke break you’d write a novel
But you never did finish chapter one yet you’re planning the second book

You were impulsive, stubborn and yet you cared about a rumour
You cared because you know it’s one thing you can’t control
You’ve said time and time again you’d tie their tongues in knots
if they will never learn when to shut up
But instead you turned their misimpression into humour
Because nothing says “fuck you” than diving into the skit

I miss trying to decipher your metaphors because they make no sense
I miss your napkin lyrics that you forget in your jean pockets
I miss screaming matches about fictional lives we think matter
I miss your anecdotes about exaggerated real life characters
I miss you and I still read the words you’ve left us

There are writings in everything you’ve touched
There are writings in the places we’ve been
These are the letters you’ve never sent but we’ll always keep

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