Pieces of Peace: Lonely Morning Hangovers


I want to wake up beside you because I want to know how it feels when your body curls next to mine. I want to feel your skin under the covers and our legs intertwined. I want to feel your lips pressed on my forehead as you slowly doze off. Your arms wrapped around me until the morning chimes in. I would patiently wait for the night so I could lay beside you again.

Let’s give a better meaning to “goodnight” and “good morning” whenever we’re close, no pillows between us. All I want is to wake up beside you and rid myself of lonely mornings. Aside from sleeping and waking there are others things we could do. Because there’s nothing better than staying in bed with you.

I want to kiss your lips and trace your skin with my hands. I want to feel my heart racing when you’re in between my legs. I want my screams building up in my throat waiting for the right moment to let it all out. I don’t want to distinguish our breathing or heart beats because I’ll be too busy trying to keep the rhythm of our bodies in sync.

We can lay innocently as well because intimacy isn’t always sex. But it’s still an option we can consider as I lay my head on your chest and you play with my hair.

That is all I want to do, wake up, fall asleep, and lay beside you. Let’s turn our bodies into maps and find the right spots and directions to reach our destination. Let’s drink wine until our conversations are sentimental and philosophical gibberish. Let’s stare at the ceiling watching shadows and imagine constellations.

All of this as we lay next to each other until we wake up and find ourselves interlaced from the night before. All I want is to wake up next to you, that is my only desire as of this moment.

Let me wake up to your eyes, your heartbeat and our bodies intertwined.

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