I never had a love story
Not a princess or knight kind of beat
Each chapter had a villain draped in shiny clothes
he was alluring, mysterious
He knew the right words, the right moves
Left notches on my bed posts
He walked in and lead me in the dark
had me choking his name
Turned flowers into stones

but I found an escape eventually
after he loosened the restraints
ran out the door, not looking back
And hoped he didn’t chase after me
I didn’t want to be defined by his scars
I needed to write myself off of his story arc

I wasn’t asking to be saved
I had to find the bandages myself
Rip a few pages, recast a few characters
In a plot twist, you appeared
A few minor issues here and there
You were delicate, innocent and unsure

now you’re here helping me breathe
Painting roses on my collarbone
covering the shots he took
You call me your queen
Even when I don’t deserve it
You hold my hand tighter than it should be
As if you’re afraid to lose me
Trust me you won’t
There’s no reason to find a way out

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