“Dear Cupid You’re A Jerk” is a series of essays about the mishaps, tragedies, and entertaining moments in my love life. In my short twenty-two years of life, I experienced so much heartache and cringe-worthy moments in my single life and relationships.

Such as accidentally liking your crush’s very VERY old picture on Facebook while you were stalking him. And then he instantly messages you saying thank you and you spend the next 30 minutes panicking.

Another is being 4-hours late to a blind date because you got the dates mixed up or being someone’s beard and being caught “cheating” on him. Sometimes, I wonder if my love life is a sit-com or a cruel joke Cupid plays.

Speaking of Cupid, I also ventured into online dating. Even though I have deleted my Tinder and OkCupid account I still remember each cringe-worthy moment. From Star Wars Fanboys filling up my inbox and telling me I would look hot as Darth Maul.

Then there are tragic moments in my love life such as being dumped during Christmas and you even bought him a gift. Or catching your boyfriend make out with someone else and their excuse was that they were drunk enough to mistake someone else as you.

As well as being in love with a toxic asshole for three years. I’ve realized my love life was both tragic and comedic so why not write about it right?

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