I’ve decided to write one poem every day. This will help me develop my talents and at the same time discipline in writing. This is also another excuse for me to be more active on this blog. I thank my regular readers who have been there since day one and others who probably came across a poem or two. Here is the first poem for 2018 (even though January is almost ending, it’s never too late to try).

I Cried My First Night

At age three, I enjoyed the nest
Threatened to runaway
Because someone broke my toy
At age 16, I wanted to stay out late
Become a night owl
Embrace the neon lights
And follow obscure pathways
At age 18, I wanted to be alone
With 4 am instant ramen
And afternoon naps
Get lost in the bustling city
Find myself drunk
The very next day
Things are a little different
The nest that cradled me
Can no longer carry my weight
I headed onto the open road
Filled with anxiety
For these new possibilities
I didn’t bother to toss and turn
I lay there still in the silence
Until I felt the tears
I cried my first night here

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