Poem Day 2: 1-800-273-8255

There’s something that makes sense
Then something that doesn’t
There are moments of clarity
There are murky thoughts too
One foot out the door
A split second thought
Passed the highway
A split second jolt
Then you’re awake

Death is inevitable
We’ll be buried at some point
Burned and scattered
Forgotten, rarely remembered
There are days I can’t breathe
I can hear my heart beating
Sometimes I wonder when it shouldn’t
There are days I am calm
There are days I am screaming
Quietly while my heart beats louder
Trying to deafen a little voice
But it’s not loud enough
Should I be alive today?
One hand on your chest
The other gripping something else
One more step can lead another way
All you need is one reason
To let the air stay in your lungs
At some point after all of this
There will be better days
Takes a little more time
I promise you

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