Dear God, when I was ten
I questioned your existence
People told me I’ve lost my way
I’ve been corrupted
They ask where is my faith?
Dear God, when I was fourteen
I had scars on my arms and thighs
I was waiting for my last sigh
Before finding a blade
I bowed and prayed
I waited but no answer
Dear God, they say you have a plan
But as I was laying on the ground
I wondered if you’d welcome me
Or send me to hellfire
Because my struggles
Were considered a sin
Dear God, I tried to be good
Charitable as an average person could be
Met a two-year-old
Whose mother left him
Dear God, what did a child ever do to you?
Dear God, I lost my faith
After no signs or changes
I never understood why I relied
On someone who lived in the sky
Let myself fall into a pattern
Dear God, where were you?

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