Hello there!
Wait, please don’t leave
Do you not recognize me?

I am no stranger to you at all
In fact, we’ve known each other
Since your first word
And I’m betting I’ll be there for your last

You can pretend
But I know you sense the familiarity
You can already hear me
Don’t deny what we have

Even during your loneliest days
I’m the one picking up the pieces
Or the one breaking them
And I’m deeply sorry for that

We spend most your days together
We rarely part, even before you sleep
I’m the one tucking you in
Or whispering prayers you forgot

I’m with you grocery shopping
Rolling through aisles
Debating where or not
You should get corn beef or sardines

You sometimes take me to work
Sure you hate that you’d bring me
And forgot your keys or an important file
But who cares, as long as I’m there right?

I am the doubt and the confidence
The insecurity, self-esteem, and nag
I am uncertainty, resolved and confusion
Think a little harder I’ll help you out

Look at the papers on your desk
Your unanswered emails and texts
Sometimes I’m a distraction
Other times I enforce discipline

Still, have no clue?
I’m the one who truly knows you
I knock, bang, and barge
Sometimes loud but never large

I am your first and last idea
I help you scrap the bad ones out
Most of the time I’m your second thought
Late night thoughts and even insomnia

I don’t have a name
You can squint as hard as you can
But you will never place a face
Though you do recognize my voice

This will sound insane
Downright loony for me to suggest
I live in the back of your head

Hello again, lost your train of thought?

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