I have been in a slump for the past couple of weeks but luckily my boyfriend’s dog has been there for me.

I just finished school last December which meant I had to look for a full-time job now. The start of the job search was promising when the beginning of this year I was already asked for an interview. I was excited. There was a rush of nerves and adrenaline. The interview went well too. They even offered me another position I can apply as well. I was charming and the recruiter loved talking to me but after shaking hands that’s where things started to go south.

I waited weeks for the second interview but after two weeks I gave up. I started applying to other companies. I applied to different advertising companies as well as NGO’s hoping the companies would love me on paper. Now we’ve all seen the memes about how January 2018 dragged on for what seemed like more than two months. But for me, those two weeks felt like months of aggravation.  That was when I started to roll into a pit of insecurity. My self-esteem was deteriorating whenever a company wouldn’t get back to me.

Desperate For A Job Offer

I ended up saying yes to a promising job offer because I was tired of looking for a job. Sure it’s only been less than a month but January felt like forever. But mostly the job offer had a close expiration date which pressured me to say yes out of desperation. The position and job goal was promising but sadly after a week, I had to quit. A lot of people would think I made a mistake for not at least staying for six months however I had my reasons for terminating my ties because staying only meant I would lose more money than earning a salary.

I spent most of February in a hectic City and in a dorm with nobody to talk to except my job applications. I’ve made different versions of my resume and constantly updated my writing portfolio. I went to interview after interview until finally a job offer from a company I liked came knocking on my door. I was already imagining what my desk looked like until I read the contract. You can read my decision here.

Luckily the Puppy Came

I decided to take a break from the job hunt and went back home. I was happy to come home but I felt like I was nothing, The lack of job opportunities on my doorstep felt like a sign of failure. Social Media wasn’t a big help either because it was filled with people who looked like they have their whole lives together. Meanwhile, I was writing for different blogs (including my own) and listening to Murder podcasts. It didn’t seem to matter that I try to be productive because I saw myself as just another writer who wasn’t going anywhere. I felt stuck and rolling down a mountain of insecure thoughts.

This is Cookie the cutest puppy

Then my boyfriend got a puppy named Cookie. She was so adorable when I met her for the first time. I felt a sudden lift from my shoulders when I held that puppy. I was relaxed and all I wanted to do was play with Cookie. I’ve spent a few weeks helping my boyfriend’s family train a dog and it made me feel amazing. The number of job applications didn’t dawn on me as much as it did earlier this year. It made me feel more productive and like an actual responsible adult teaching a puppy to go outside when she needs to do her business. It also felt like a great accomplishment teaching her simple tricks. My boyfriend’s puppy didn’t make me feel like a nothing.

Mood-boosting Powers of Dogs

Cookie the puppy

It’s all science. Studies have found laying with a dog or cat can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax. This wasn’t the first time a dog elevated my mood. I remember second-year college I experienced a really brutal break-up and a classmate of mine smuggled his dog into our building. My friend got the dog for me hoping it would make me smile and it did. Which is normal because pets like dogs have that kind of effect on us. Animal expert, Karen Winegar told The New York Times that a human-animal bond nurtures us in a way nothing else can.

I spent so many weeks stressed and anxious that I will always be stuck as an unemployed loser. All I needed was the caring and loving excitement a dog can give.  Pets such as dogs offer a soothing presence. There is an actual puppy room for stressed out college students. A bad day doesn’t exist when your pet runs to you and shows you affection. You feel important and loved. I couldn’t imagine what I would feel right now if it wasn’t for my boyfriend letting me part of his dog’s life. It sounds completely ridiculous but without Cookie I would still be walking with a head filled with insecure and anxious thoughts of employment.


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