Career, love, friendship, and LGBTQ representation this show should be your favorite. When YouTube recommended me the season one trailer of “The Bold Type,” I was curious and was immediately hooked. Not only did it star my favorite American Idol contestant Katie Stevens but it felt like a modern “Sex and The City” –without a penis revolving around their problems.

“The Bold Type” is about a group of friends exploring their careers, sexuality, and happiness while working for a fashion magazine. It also tackles issues such as immigration, sexual assault, and racism. Unlike other shows about a group of women trying to balance career and relationships –mostly failing at the career part but this show is something else.

5 Good Reasons You Should Be Watching ‘The Bold Type’

1. Actual Career Woman Working

Oh, we’ve seen TV ruin the image of a career woman by throwing in a penis as if falling in love can ruin our hard work. Freeform’s “The Bold Type” doesn’t fall into that trope instead we see three women working hard and loving their jobs. There’s Katie’s character Jane who finally got her dream job as a writer for her favorite magazine, Scarlet. We do not see her stumble through the process like a clueless girl instead we see her try to adapt and become a better writer in the process.

the bolde type women

Then there’s Sutton (Meghann Fahy) the most hardworking assistant in Scarlet but she wants to be so much more. But she had to make a tough decision between practicality and dreams –advertising or fashion? Not only did she got the job she wanted, she knew how to negotiate the terms of her contract instead of complaining about it! It’s something girls should see when watching a career woman on TV.

Last but certainly not the least my favorite character, the ever confident and outspoken Kat Edison played by Aisha Dee. Finally! An empowering career woman who’s both fun and serious about her job. She doesn’t let anyone come in the way of her work and principles.

2. An Empowering Boss Type Who Isn’t A Bitch

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For some reason when there’s a female boss she always has to be a cold-hearted bitch everyone is afraid to approach. It was refreshing to see Jacqueline (Melora Hardin), the Editor-in-chief of Scarlet as an inspiring boss. She doesn’t make her employees quiver in fear instead she motivates them. Jacqueline not only helps Jane become a better writer she also tries to make Scarlet more than a fashion magazine.

3. Talking About Sex and Orgasms

What’s a show without talking about sex? The show not only covered that a woman can sleep with whomever she chooses without being called a slut or other names but also orgasms. A woman has every right to feel satisfied during sex and yes some of us fake it. The orgasm story arc felt real and loved how they handled the facts such as penetration alone can’t make us reach ecstasy or how it’s okay to say “Hey I never had an orgasm,” because chances are you’re not the only one!

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4. Addressing Women’s Health

Jane’s Breast Cancer storyline was truly one of the best episodes in Season one. The show addressed the anxiety women have about their health. Because breast cancer is a scary thing to think about even with all the advocacies it’s a scary thought that comes to mind when getting check-ups. A lot of women are afraid to get these kinds of check-ups because it’s easy to advocate about something it’s a whole other thing actually living through it.

The breast cancer arc ended with Jane getting tested to see if she has the BRCA gene. In the end, she tested positive shocking viewers. But she declared she wouldn’t let it define her and instead live her life. Though the episode’s true message was about women prioritizing their health by getting regular check-ups and screening. Sure it can be scary but it’s for our own good.

5. POC LGBTQ Representation

Kat falls for Adena (Nikohl Boosheri), a proud Muslim lesbian –yes you read that right. I love their relationship because it was a slow burn and how Kat doesn’t deny her attraction to Adena –she even admits to having a sex dream about her! Instead, we see her try to figure out her feelings and her sexuality. Okay mostly, I just love the fact “The Bold Type” has a character who is a Muslim lesbian.


Adena is a hijab-wearing lesbian photographer who is proud of who she is and still practices her religion. We don’t see her turn away from her religion instead we see her practice it. Sure homosexuality is punishable by death in Islam in a few Muslim majority countries yet Adena still clings to her faith. Her character shows your sexuality doesn’t define your faith or the other way around. Adena is a step to a more progressive way of handing Religion and sexuality. I’m happy she’s a season regular for “The Bold Type” Season two.

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Many TV series are now portraying working women in a better light and “The Bold Type” is a great example of it. The show is light-hearted yet has depth as it tackles social issues. It’s diverse, it’s fun, and it’s sexy. You need to at least put this show on your watchlist. Because there are only a few shows out there that shows how people actually doing their job and commenting on issues without losing sight of a good storyline.

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